Getting started

If you wish to try Tae Kwon Do with our club, you are welcome to join us at any regularly scheduled class. For your first class, please wear comfortable work out clothes and come with a desire to try.

The rest of this page consists of some typical questions that people ask.

How much do classes cost?

All classes are free. There are no dues or fees. The only costs for you are for the equipment you choose to buy. Once you past a white belt test, you will be required to wear a uniform, which costs around $20. We also wear basic sparring gear for protection. That can cost around $10. Neither of these costs need be recurring, though sometimes people will purchase a couple uniforms.

Free? Really?


How often do you have classes?

We have up to four classes per week. You may come to as many classes as you want.

What are the classes like?

Classes range from one hour to two hours. A typical class starts with an intense 30 minutes of warm-ups, which includes jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, stretching, and other fitness exercises. The remainder of the class is devoted to studying Tae Kwon Do by doing blocks, kicks, punches, forms, and sparring.

Do I need to have previous experience?

No. Most people who start with us have no previous experience in any martial arts.

I have previous experience in martial arts. Can I join your class?

Yes. We welcome everyone who wants to learn with us. Please attend the first class in either some comfortable work out clothes, or in a uniform with a white belt. If you have obtained the black belt level, you may wear your black belt if you feel it appropriate. We will place those students with experience into the proper level for our school.

I don’t have a uniform. Where can I buy one?

On your first day, you should come dressed in comfortable work out clothes. You will get the chance to purchase a uniform once you pass a white belt test.

What ages are appropriate for your classes?

All ages are welcome to attend class. However, we currently only have adults in class.