School Rules

  1. Students must bow to the flags, Sah-bum-nim, and all other high ranking belts when entering or leaving the Doe-chang.
  2. Students must always respect and obey Sah-bum-nim and all other high ranking belts.
  3. Students must use the word “sir or “ma’am” when speaking to Sah-bum-nim or other high ranking belts.
  4. When a Sah-bum-nim enters the Doe-chang, the highest ranking belt must call the class to attention and have the class bow.
  5. There should be an absence of unnecessary conversation in the Doe-chang.
  6. When a student must leave the Doe-chang during training, he or she must first recieve permission from the Sah-bum-nim.
  7. The Doe-chang must always be kept clean.